83 year old Scots gran to walk 100 miles for charity

Barbara Strachan

An 83 year old lady from Ayr is planning to walk 100 miles around her local park to raise money for a brain tumour charity.

Barbara Strachan will walk around the King George V playing fields in Ayr, six times a day until she completes the challenge.

She will walk a total of three miles per day, for a total of five weeks, in the park beside her house.

Barbara’s daughter Ann, a champion indoor rower, had organised a fundraiser, and Barbara decided to do her bit to help.

Ann has been rowing 20 miles per day to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Ann’s 18 year old daughter Iona has been living with a brain tumour for the last 13 years.

Over the years, Barbara has battled skin cancer and even Leukaemia.

Barbara said “I’d certainly do anything for Iona, because she’s actually very much like me. It doesn’t bother me, I’ve not been able to go up to my club, the Bannatyne, for obvious reasons, so I’m doing more walking than ever. I’m at the club three times a week usually, so if I can’t go there I may as well go for a walk in the park.”

Barbara’s daughter Ann, and her granddaughter Iona live in Solihull in England, and sadly she has been unable to visit them due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Barbara already does her bit for charity in the community, and is even helping out neighbours who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 by doing their shopping for them.

She added “We’ve got a lovely community round here. I’ve been raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity for some years now and a lot of people in Ayr have helped, they’ve been very good.”

Katie Sharkey, Senior Community Fundraiser for The Brain Tumour Charity, said “We continue to be inspired by all the support and fundraising efforts that Ann takes on, galvanising her family and friends and the local community.

“With the unwavering support from her mum Barbara, and indeed Barbara’s own fundraising efforts, they epitomise the dedication of all our charity supporters during these difficult lockdown times, determined to make a difference for everyone affected.

“We receive no government funding and rely 100 per cent on voluntary donations, so it’s only through the efforts of people like Ann and Barbara, that we can bring hope to the thousands of people who are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year.”

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