Coatbridge COVIDIOTS slammed on social media

Coatbridge funeral party

A large group of young people in Coatbridge have come under fire for clearly flouting social distancing rules over the weekend.

The photograph shows the group hugging, drinking alcohol, kissing and clearly flouting the two metre social distancing rule.

The group had gathered to celebrate the life of James McKenna, who’s funeral they had just attended in Coatbridge. North Lanarkshire.

A selfie was posted to Instagram shortly after the funeral, along with the caption “Away for a social distance swally way ma bestos probs be in the cells for 4.” And then the group photo was posted alongside the caption “Rip James.”

The group appeared to be deliberately flouting social distancing rules, which have been brought into place by the Scottish Government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that a further 13 people had died overnight from COVID-19, bringing the total amount of deaths in Scotland to 1,262. Another 197 people have been confirmed as having the virus within the last 24 hours.

The family of James McKenna, who’s cause of death is still being investigated, asked mourners to adhere to social distancing rules when attending the gathering.

Many social media users took to Twitter to criticise the gathering for breaking the rules.

One commenter posted “Look at them all. So much stupid in one place. A great example of what not to do during a pandemic. Some people are beyond reason even when presented with hard facts.”

While another Twitter user posted “Just why? I have no words. Why are these idiots allowed to get away with this? I, like many people have not left my house. I haven’t saw my daughter in 6 weeks. I just wanna nip to her for a cuppa but it’s not worth it… Why are these people allowed to get away with this?”

While another Twitter user said of the group, “Struggle to find a brain cell between them.”

Another commenter said “Lock down is breaking because the police aren’t enforcing anything other than stupid little things. If they want to be taken seriously, then everyone in this pic should receive a fine in short order. And get places like B&Q shut down.”

In a separate incident today, a probe into an unexplained death has begun, after the body of a man was discovered on a grassy area in Coatbridge this morning. A spokesperson from Police Scotland confirmed “Around 7.40am on Sunday, April 26, police received a report of man’s body being discovered on a grassy area near to Dundyvan Road, Coatbridge.  The death is currently being treated as unexplained and enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances.”