Driver travelling to Scotland to buy a puppy stopped by police

police stopping car

A man who was attempting to drive from Manchester to Scotland to buy a puppy has been stopped by police, and told to return home.

The driver left Bury prepared for a five hour journey to Dundee to buy the dog, but was stopped by Cumbria police.

The driver is deemed to have broken the UK Government’s new lockdown measures, by travelling outwith his local area for a non-essential journey.

Cumbria Roads Police Division stopped the black Audi, and reported them for a breach of lockdown rules. The driver was issued a fine, and warned to comply with lockdown measures.

Cumbria police took to Twitter to warn other drivers who are thinking of making non-essential journeys in future.

They posted to their Twitter account today, “This driver set off from Bury, Manchester this morning and travelled to Dundee to purchase a puppy.

“Again, not an essential journey.

“The driver agreed he wouldn’t have made this journey when lockdown commenced.

“Nothing has changed. Fixed penalty issued. #StayHomeSaveLives 2265.”

In another incident, a family of four who were travelling to Motherwell for a three day bank holiday break, were ordered to return to their home in London yesterday.

Police have confirmed that they will be stopping cars throughout the UK during the bank holiday weekend to ensure that people are not making non-essential journeys.

Chief Inspector Chris Joughin said “As with the previous bank holiday weekends we will be out and about to check that people aren’t flouting the restrictions and to remind people why the restrictions are in place and to encourage them to do the right thing and go home.

“We will also be doing ad hoc stops to check that motorists are making essential journeys and officers on foot patrols will be talking to members of the public who are out and about to check that they are not breaching the regulations.

“Last weekend we made arrests and issued fines as a result of people ignoring the rules and having parties with people who didn’t live in their households and in some cases weren’t even from Merseyside.

“We will continue to take action against people and will act when we are given information from the community about incidents like this taking place.”