Lewis Capaldi avoids shopping trips in case fans break social distancing rules

Lewis Capaldi mobbed by fans

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that he is avoiding shopping trips in case fans get too close, and break social distancing rules.

The Scottish singer, 23, says that he’s sending his Dad to go to the supermarket for him instead.

He fears that fans will break social distancing rules, by coming within two metres to ask for an autograph or a selfie.

Lewis said “I always worry about going to a shop and someone being like, ‘Oh, can we get a picture?’ And I’m like, ‘You have to stay two metres apart!’

“I don’t want to be that guy, so my dad has been getting (the shopping). I have literally become a hermit.”

Capaldi has revealed that he has used quarantine to spend more time recording music. He has recorded eleven new tracks for his next album. The new record will be the follow up to his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.’

He confirmed “Next year there will be an album for sure.”

When he bumped into a fan in Glasgow’s Queen’s Park recently, Capaldi was careful to ensure that he stayed two metres away.

A fan, who asked him to send a message to her mum, also recorded him advising people to “stay home and stay safe.”

Lewis has been quarantining back home in Scotland, with his mum and dad at their house in Bathgate. He still lives with his parents, despite being worth $10 million, according to Forbes and Wikipedia.