Lewis Capaldi branded ‘disgusting’ by ex Paige Turley

Lewis Capaldi and Paige Turley

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that he was branded “a disgusting human being” by his ex Paige Turley, and that the break up inspired one of his hit songs.

Lewis Capaldi and Paige Turley
Lewis Capaldi with his ex girlfriend, Paige Turley

Capaldi, who dated Turley before he hit the big time, talked about the incident during an interview with Ryan Seacrest for iHeart Radio.

The 23 year old singer from Scotland explained “It’s a song about a lady who I was in a relationship with. And it was going smooth, as smooth as you can imagine, as smooth as a ski slope. ‘And one day, she said, “Lewis, can I have a quick word?” And I said, “Of course, my darling. What is it?”

“And she said to me, “Lewis … slight issue with me and you as a couple. I find you revolting in every way possible, and you are really a disgusting human being. And I would like to leave you, effective immediately.”

Lewis revealed that his hit song ‘Hold You While You Wait’ was written about his ex Paige Turley.

He continued “And I said, “Oh goodness. Well, that has come as a shock, let me be honest with you here.

“And I said, “Well, before you go, how’s this for a counter offer? How about you don’t leave me, and instead we cuddle? We hug it out and let’s see if that, at all, eases your disgust for me as a human being.” ‘It didn’t, and to this day, still not a couple, so there you go. It all worked out.”

Lewis then wrote his smash hit ‘Hold You While You Wait’ about the break up.

The chorus of the song reads…

“Hold me while you wait
I wish that I was good enough,
If only I could wake you up,
My love, my love, my love, my love,
Won’t you stay a while?”

Lewis Capaldi – ‘Hold Me While You Wait’

The couple were together for 18 months after meeting at college. And while Lewis went on to achieve world wide fame, his ex Paige went on to win a reality TV show.

Paige is now dating Finley Tapp, who she met while starring on ‘Love Island’ – an ITV reality TV dating show.

Capaldi is now reportedly dating Catherine Halliday – the daughter of a millionaire architect.

Paige revealed that Capaldi had contacted her shortly after she won Love Island to say congratulations.

Paige and her new partner Finn took home a £50,000 cash prize for winning the show.

Capaldi’s song was a part of his hit album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.’ The song charted at number one in Scotland and Ireland, and at number four in the UK charts. At the time, he was at number one and number two in the Scottish singles charts. He was also the first artist since Ed Sheeran to have two hits in the UK top 5 singles chart at the same time.

At the time, he said the song was “about the uncertainty of being in a relationship when your partner isn’t sure what they want” and a feeling of “impending hopelessness.”

His hit ‘Someone You Loved’ went to number one in the US and UK singles charts, and his debut album was the fastest selling album of the year and topped the charts in the UK and Ireland. At the time of the album release, it was outselling the entire top 10.