Lewis Capaldi hopes for duet with Paolo Nutini

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi said that he would love to team up with Paolo Nutini for a duet at some stage in the future.

During a Facebook live chat with fans, the Scottish entertainer said that he was currently spending lock-down at home with his parents in Bathgate.

He said that one of his “career goals” was to work with one of his idols, and fellow Scot Paolo Nutini.

Recently, Capaldi instigated a world wide hunt for Nutini, after posting a tweet which said “right enough’s enough – where the f*** is Paolo Nutini?”

The stunt even inspired some Bookmakers to set odds of 6/4 that the pair would team up for a duet.

Capaldi also said during the Facebook live Q&A that he doesn’t take too kindly to being compared to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. That’s “not very nice” he said of the jibe.

When asked about a possible duet with Nutini, he said “Paolo? I’d love to bring a song out with Paolo.”

He continued, “I always love it when people tweet something about how they like me, then someone will go ‘but he’s no as good as Paolo’, I’m like ‘I know that’, I’d love to do a song with him, that’s probably a career goal.”

The hunt for Paolo, back in February, was taken pretty seriously by some music fans, and the issue was soon trending on Twitter.

Eventually, Paolo was tracked down when footage emerged of the singer wishing luck to Paisley dance school Dancepoint before their appearance on The Greatest Dancer.

Talking about the comparisons with the PM, he said “People say I look like Boris Johnson which is not a very nice thing to see about yourself, it makes me feel bad. He’s not an ugly chap, it’s just he’s in his 50s and I’m 23.”

Lewis went on to praise the NHS workers, including his Mum Carol, for their bravery and hard work as the country gets to grips with the Coronavirus crisis.

When one fan asked Lewis to send his best wishes to his Mum, Lewis responded, “Hello, hello Suzie. My mum is an NHS nurse as well so thanks for everything you’re doing at moment.”

He then told another NHS worker, “Hello Vicky, hope you’re doing well, thank you so much for everything you’re doing, stay safe as best you can, hopefully this will be over soon.”