Londoners heading to Scotland for a ‘holiday’ sent home by police

police stop car

A family of four, who were travelling to Scotland for a three day holiday, have been stopped by police and ordered to return home.

The family were stopped on the M6, at junction 43 near Carlisle. They told police officers that they were travelling to Motherwell for a short break.

Officers from the Cumbria Roads Police Division told the family to return home and informed them that they had broken government guidelines.

The family, who were driving a Ford Focus, were already four hours into their journey when they were stopped by police and ordered to return to London.

A spokesperson from Cumbria Police confirmed “This car has just been stopped on the M6 north at J43.

“It had a family of four on board heading from London to Motherwell for a three day break, an 800 mile round trip.”

It is expected that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may announce some relaxation of the rules during his televised address to the nation on Sunday.

However, any announcement that’s made about easing lockdown measures will only apply to England.

According to Sky News today, Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone has warned that a difference in rules south of the border may cause problems.

He told BBC Radio 4 “I think it would make the consistency of public messaging harder, people would be hearing different things when they listen to different forms of media.

“It would be harder than it’s been but I’m confident that the police would be able to respond to any differentials that the politicians decide upon.”

He added “Any easement or any change around that that has a level of distinction, whether that’s by locality, whether that’s by sector, whether that’s by criteria, age or occupation, inevitably adds a level of complexity.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that she will not be pressured by Westminster into lifting the lockdown too early in Scotland.