‘Miracle’ recovery for 21yr old Lily

Lily Burns

A 21 year old with no previous underlying health conditions has described her recovery from Coronavirus as a ‘miracle’ and has thanked NHS staff for saving her life.

Lily Burns, who battled COVID-19 in intensive care in the Scottish Highlands, had initially went to hospital because of a suspected kidney infection.

Lily Burns in hospital.

The 21 year old from Fort William rapidly deteriorated after admission to hospital, as the virus began to attack all of her vital organs.

Speaking to Good Morning Scotland, she explained “I’d come home and was still feeling sick.

“We went to out-of-hours but they thought it was a kidney infection. A high temperature was the only coronavirus symptom I had.

“Because of Covid they didn’t want me going into hospital so they sent me home and told me to go to A&E if I got any worse.”

Lily still felt unwell, and so attended A&E, and was admitted with a suspected Kidney infection. The first test for COVID-19 came back negative.

Despite starting to feel better, Lily was sent to Raigmore Hospital as a precaution when a subsequent test came back positive.

Lily said “By the time I got to Raigmore, I had deteriorated. The Covid had attacked all my internal organs – my heart, my liver, my kidneys.

“They tried to give me oxygen through my nose, but because I needed so much of it, my body couldn’t take it through my nose so they had to put me under sedation and that was me for seven days.

“The only thing I remember was getting out of the ambulance and being in a room with about 8-10 doctors. It was a bit overwhelming for me and I got a fright.

“When I came back round after the seven days [under sedation on a ventilator] I thought I’d only been sleeping for one.”

Lily meeting her family after leaving hospital.

Returning home after weeks in hospital, Lily said that she still feels very emotional about the situation. She said “I think it was way more traumatic for them than it was for me.

“I’m feeling very emotional about everything now. With me nearly not coming through, my friends have been coming over to the house with gifts, but obviously they can’t come anywhere near me, so that’s very hard.”

In a facebook post after arriving home, Lily thanked the Scottish NHS, describing the team who saved her life as ‘world class.’

She wrote “I need to take this time to thank the intensive care unit in Raigmore who I literally owe my life to, their practice, support and ability to make me laugh was world-class and these truly are real life heroes.”

In another post, she added “I can’t begin to explain the impact this has had on my life. I will never ever be taking anyone or anything for granted.

“I can only be thankful it was me as I could never ever have coped watching one of my family or friends go through what they had to witness.”

Talking to Good Morning Scotland, she advised people to stick with restrictions, adding “after what my family went through, I wouldn’t want to put anyone else through that.”