Nicola Sturgeon: ‘We must learn to live with COVID-19’

Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has warned that the Coronavirus crisis is not going to “magically disappear” and has suggested that we should “learn to live with Covid-19.”

Writing for the Herald today, she also warned that social distancing would be a “fact of life, for a long time to come.”

She also suggested that Scotland should begin to look seriously at “social and economic reform” in response to the crisis.

But she also offered a glimmer of hope that restrictions would start to be lifted once the numbers start to come down, suggesting a first step that would allow people to “meet in small groups, in defined ‘bubbles’ of contact.”

The First Minister also warned that the public should continue to take social distancing measures seriously, adding “The current lockdown remains vital – it is only because of it, that we are now seeing some progress against the virus.”

She also suggested that lockdown restrictions would probably not be lifted anytime soon and “may need to continue in the current form beyond this three-week period.”

As of 9am this morning, 10,234 people in Scotland have tested positive with Coronavirus – an increase of 273. While 1,735 people remain in hospital in Scotland, which represents a decrease of 13.

133 people are now in intensive care in Scottish hospitals, which is a decrease of 7 patients overnight. 18 more people died over night, bringing the total number of deaths in Scotland to 1,249.

Nicola Sturgeon also suggested in today’s Herald that she would begin to look at opening schools, in a “gradual and phased way” once the numbers come down, and would do so in a way that would “maintain physical distancing.”

She added “We must now take these lessons into the planning of how we recover from this crisis, and how we will live our lives in the “new normal” that awaits us all.”

Scottish health secretary Jeane Freeman confirmed at this morning’s daily briefing that 22,000 people have applied to volunteer for the NHS.

She also reminded people to adhere to the social distancing measures, as the warmer weather comes along this weekend.