Scots warned by police to stop ‘grassing’ on neighbours

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Police Scotland have warned over zealous Scots to stop grassing on their neighbours for flouting lockdown rules.

Police in Scotland say that they expect the warmer weather that’s forecast over the weekend to encourage large crowds of people to head for popular tourist spots.

They also say that they don’t want people to miss out on exercise altogether, that you’re still allowed to leave the home for exercise once a day. The guidelines say that you are allowed to visit beaches and parks, as long as they are within walking distance from your home.

They say that they will be patrolling beaches and city parks up to six times a day, to make sure that people are sticking to the social distancing rules. They also want to remind the public that they should only be traveling within walking distance of their homes.

Chief Inspector Neil Mitchell said “I wanted to take this opportunity to ask everyone to stay at home and only visit your local parks and beaches if they are within walking distance from your home.

“My officers do not want to stop local people enjoying the outdoors but at this time we must ensure that the guidelines are followed.

“We are patrolling the beaches and parks, visiting them sometimes five or six times a day, engaging with visitors and checking car parks and approach roads.

“Some cars have been given parking tickets and some people have been asked to leave the areas and this is right.”

He went on to warn the public not to overwhelm the police with phone calls, adding “You do not need to phone us to report these as we are dealing with them throughout the day.

“If you are out, expect to meet my officers or other officials who may ask you some questions.

“Please engage with them and take direction if required, although we can issue fixed penalty tickets we do not want to do this.”

Police in Edinburgh say that they have already issued 118 fixed penalty notices in relation to Scots breaching the lockdown rules.