Portobello beach packed with tourists as temperatures soar

Portobello beach, Portobello beach Edinburgh,

Hundreds of day trippers headed to Portobello beach to soak up the sunshine today, as temperatures in Scotland soared above 20 degrees C.

Temperatures reached 22 degrees Celsius in parts of Scotland today, in what is believed to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Families were spotted sun bathing, and even swimming in the sea, despite the Government’s Coronavirus lockdown remaining firmly in place.

Police on Portobello beach
A Police officer speaking to people on Portobello beach today.

Scotland’s First Minister has kept the ‘stay home’ message, despite the UK Government dropping the slogan in England.

However, she is expected to relax some of the rules tomorrow, and allow people from different households to meet up in a public place, as long as they remain at a two metre distance. The new rules will come into effect on the 28th of May.

But for now, people are expected to only leave the home for essential exercise, however they are now allowed to leave home as many times as they like. On Monday the 11th of May, rules were relaxed, allowing people to leave home for more than the once a day limit.

Portobello beach, Portobello beach in Edinburgh
Some people enjoyed food on the beach.

However, with the COVID-19 lockdown rules still in force, the First Minister had warned people not to meet up in public just yet, and warned to avoid barbecues, picnics and sunbathing for now. But it seems people on Portobello beach today were keen to enjoy the sunshine.

With the tide being in quite close, there was also less room for people to remain at a distance, but that didn’t put people off gathering on the beach.

However, from the photos, it did appear that Edinburgh residents were following the social distancing rules.

Cafes and takeaways are open, so many people took the opportunity to buy a coffee or food to eat while sitting on the beach.