Scotland is “willing you on Boris” says Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has sent out a message of support for Boris Johnson, as he fights for his life in intensive care.

Johnson was admitted to hospital on Sunday after suffering with persistent Coronavirus symptoms for over a week. The UK Prime Minister was subsequently admitted into intensive care on Monday night, after his condition “worsened” according to a number 10 spokesperson.

It has since been reported that Johnson has had trouble breathing, and has been given oxygen.

Addressing the nation at the Scottish Government’s daily briefing on the crisis, the First Minister said that contentious issues between politicians seem “less important” now. She also noted that the Prime Minister’s illness should serve as a warning that the issue should not be taken lightly.

Ms Sturgeon said that the Scottish Government will continue to work closely with the UK Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19, despite the PM’s current absence.

She said “You know at times these things that divide us in normal times just seem so much less important and we are very much reminded of that again today. Right now all of us are just human beings united in a fight against this virus.

“As we know, the Prime Minister as well as leading the UK government’s response is currently in hospital fighting his own personal battle against coronavirus.

“I chaired a meeting of the Scottish Government’s cabinet this morning and recorded our very best wishes to him and, I’m sure I do this on behalf of all of Scotland, I want to send every good wish to him, to his fiancee, and his whole family – we are all willing you on Boris, get well soon.

“The Prime Minister’s admission to intensive care is a terrible reminder of the fact that, as I mentioned here yesterday, this virus simply doesn’t discriminate – absolutely anybody can get it of course, absolutely anyone can pass it on to other people and that is why we have put in place such severe lock-down restrictions.”

Ms Sturgeon then went on to outline the importance of following Government guidelines.

She said “And for the avoidance of any doubt, let me state very clearly how I expect people to be behaving:

  • People should be staying at home except for essential purposes such as one session of exercise a day or a trip to buy essential food or medicines from the shops
  • People who are displaying Covid-19 symptoms should self-isolate, not going out at all for seven days and members of their household should self isolate for 14 days
  • People should not be gathering outside in groups of more than two unless they are part of the same household and people should not be visiting each others homes
  • And all non-essential businesses should be closed.

“These measures would have seemed unimaginable even just a few weeks ago but I want to stress again today they are vital to reduce the number of people who fall sick and they are vital to save lives.

“So once again let me, from the bottom of my heart, thank everyone who’s doing the right thing and staying at home – by staying at home all of it is helping to slow the spread of virus, all of us are helping to protect our national health service and all of us are helping to save lives.

“I also want to stress today the Prime Minister’s illness will not affect, as people would expect, the good cooperation on key strategic decisions which takes place where it’s appropriate between the Scottish government and the UK government and the other devolved governments.

“My ministers have for a number of weeks joined UK ministers for regular meetings on health public services in the economy and that will continue, indeed Joe FitzPatrick, the minister for public health, is currently taking part in a discussion with Matt Hancock and others.”