Social distancing measures tightened in Scotland

social distancing

Social distancing measures have been tightened, and new guidelines have been released, to protect people at work during the lockdown in Scotland.

Measures were put in place by the Government at the end of last month, which put restrictions on large public gatherings and non essential business. All non essential stores were ordered to close, people were advised to work from home where at all possible.

The measures have now been tightened in order to further protect workers in Scotland.

All businesses which remain open during the Coronavirus lockdown must now enforce a two metre social distancing rule. If a business refuses to cooperate with the new guidance, they could face a fine and even prosecution.

Livestock markets and money advice services such as foreign exchange will be allowed to remain open for business, while tourism companies will be allowed to take bookings for future dates.

Newly published guidelines have also clarified that Graveyards and burial sites will also be allowed to remain open.

Mike Russell MSP said of the new guidelines “I would like to thank people and businesses across Scotland who have been following social distancing measures over the last three weeks and helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

“From the outset, we have said these regulations are temporary and will be kept under review. After careful consideration, we have decided that it is necessary for these regulations to continue for the protection of public health.

“We have also made some minor amendments to the regulations to enhance their operation and social distancing for businesses, as well as making it more explicit that services relating to livestock, money, and online holiday bookings can remain open.

“The restrictions are tough and have had an impact on everyone’s lives but they are necessary to protect public health and our NHS, and we will continue to keep them under review.”