Unlimited outdoor exercise allowed in Scotland from today

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From today, people in Scotland will be able to partake in outdoor exercise more than once per day, but other lockdown measures will still remain in place.

Up until now, outdoor exercise was restricted to just once a day. But from today, people can enjoy activities such as walking, cycling or running as many times as they like.

But Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stressed that all of the other lockdown measures still apply until further notice.

People have been reminded that they must not meet up with family and friends who they do not live with while going outside for exercise, and are still only allowed to go out with people from their own household.

Social distancing guidelines will still apply. People must still remain at a two metre distance from others while out and about, and shoppers are encouraged to wear face coverings while shopping.

Members of the public must still only leave home if they are heading for essential work, shopping for food and medicine, or for exercise alone, or with members of their own household.

But the rules differ slightly in other parts of the UK. In England, from Wednesday, families and friends will be able to meet in public, as long as they observe social distancing measures. However, in Scotland these rules will not apply.

From Wednesday, also in England, people who cannot work from home are being encouraged to get back to work, but again, these rules will not apply in Scotland.

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dropped the ‘stay home’ message in England, but leaders of all three devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland chose to keep the slogan.

Nicola Sturgeon was keen to stress that people in Scotland should continue to follow the guidance that is already in place. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed during a press conference this morning, that the new rules in England will not apply to people living in Wales. First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster has also announced that she will not be ditching the ‘stay home’ message.